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So, I like to ride bikes. My friends also like to ride bikes, so you’ll never guess what we decided to do… We rode our bikes together. I know right, but wait it gets crazier. We rode at night (mind officially blown), but why not bask in the warm glow of the sun i hear you ask. Well my friend, in the city of London the roads are bit less congested at night which = more fun.

Check out the photos below.

Night ride 1

Night ride 2

Night ride 3

Night ride 5

Night ride 7 Night ride 8

Night ride 11

Night ride 13

Night ride 15

Night ride 16

Night ride 17

Night ride alt


I’ve kinda got a thing for bikes. This post is dedicated to my new baby Juila, she’s a low pro frame and oh so cute. One gear No Brakes.

Here a couple of photos i’ve taken awhile back, but forgot to put up on here just because…

Just before the sun decided that it was gonna take an unscheduled vacation, the weather was so nice i went for lovely cycle to brick lane in London. Cause I ride bikes bitch. So off I went to the land of the hipsters to check out the Odd Future Pop up store.

Just some more photos I’ve taken, one of them has even gotten over 1500 reblogs on tumblr #JustSaying (little self promo there).

I like photography and i like taking photos, especially of people that don’t know that they’re being caught on film well SD get it it haha. That joke was lame… but I wouldn’t call my self a photographer because it seems now a days any one who has a DSLR  can call themselves a “Photographer” and thats not cool. Any who here are some photos I’ve taken, let me know what you think.


Argh Hipsters, they’re so pretentious but the girls are so sexy; Love hate relationship. They’re like a cross breed between prep boys and hobos, the cleanest hobos you’ll ever meet. Looking clean is so mainstream, but obviously this doesn’t apply to all hipsters because they’re so individual you can tell this by their non generic clothes cause they all don’t look the same.

I don’t even know why I’m hating on hipsters, kinda like how i don’t know why i dislike Justin Beiber with a passion. I think it’s just the attitude that to me resembles that high school mentality of “naa everyone just heard this new song it’s not cool anymore”. Understandably i get the want to be individual but i think they just go about in a dickish manner. Obviously I’m basing this on stereotypes but the worlds built up on stereotypes get over it.

Talking about stereotypes I’m teetering close to the hipster line which would probably be a zig zag cause lines are so mainstream. As I’m typing this on my MacBook, while listening to my iPhone above the room where I keep my Fixed Gear Bike. Give me some Pabst Blue Ribbon; stamp a sailor tattoo on me and you can call me a hipster.

You know I don’t even know what this was, not sure if it was a rant or what but its my blog so I don’t give a fuck #GoMe. Fuck your feelings ( new catchphrase, thats my thing for this blog)

I am a hypocrite say I don’t like hipsters but I like hipster girls they got that swag. I don’t know why that I don’t care attiude is so hot but yet it really sexy.